Junior Silva

Design and brand strategy for companies that aren’t afraid of being authentic.
14+ years combining strategy and design, driving ventures and entrepreneurs.
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“Great professional that never let us down or missed a deadline. I’ve fully confidence in his work and the quality of deliverables. He combines excellent work-ethic with technician capacity and creative. I’m very happy for have him with our partner in our projects.”
Renato Cruz – Founder of Cammino Digital

“We were looking for partners who have the quality and care of the projects in the same way that we have from the beginning. We choose to work with him because he is a multi-disciplinary professional, hard worker and very organized. Analytical and critical thinking are their differentials.”
Julio Scarpelini – Founder of Solid Solutions

“I’ve known about his work for 5+ years. I aways sure of well done work, understanding exacly the necessities of each project. He’s a great professional and has good response to the neeeds of the company. I am satisfied and I know that my projects are in good hands.”
Renato Mazante – Founder of Centro Paulista